Kunst-Installation / Ausstellung SUPERHELDEN im KunstRaum Weißenohe vom 5. bis 26.9.2021

Dritter Stock

MULTIFUNKTIONALES MULTITASKING funktioniert  24/7   und erschöpft sich nicht mit Blicken aus dem Fenster...

Und stets geht der Blick hinein ins kalte Fenster des allgegenwärtigen Arbeitsgeräts, das permanent ALGORHYTHMISCHE GEISTER ins unbehauste Heim aussendet.

Chase deBill & the Now: Ghost Around

» Once I sucked in their souls,
Chained them to my memory
With slings of time
That I spent with them
Carelessly nurtured with my interest,
They have now become inseparable
from my voracious mind

They come out in the dark
When i am unaware
When my consciousness rests and repairs
But I cannot sleep all the time
I cannot take care of them all the time as well
And I can't tell what they do
When I am not with them
they are everyone I ever used to know

they become everyone I will ever know

Now they keep pushing me
Now they keep nudging me
Into a future
I cannot control «
Words: Dominik Wehren, Music: Chase deBill & the Now